General Tso'Boy


General Tso'Boy is an American Chinese sandwich shop using local, responsibly-sourced ingredients in a fast casual setting.


General Tso’Boy, offers the perfect marriage of American Chinese flavors sandwiched between the soft crunch of French bread. Gary and Jessica first opened General Tso'Boy as a flea market pop up in New York City. Its popularity gave rise to a fast casual restaurant concept where a fun environment surrounds a presentation of fresh ingredients, traditional flavors, and unexpected combinations.


We may cook fast, but we take fresh ingredients that are carefully sourced from our friendly farmers and make everything--sauces, spice salts, soft serve--from scratch, in our own kitchen, so that you'll always enjoy a consistent, quality meal.


We believe in sharing our love and appreciation for American Chinese food with a friendly smile and Texas-sized hospitality so that your experience is always memorable.


We support our farmers and partners in local Austin. We are also partnered with Mealshare to provide meals for youth in need. For any community or partnership opportunities, please email